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Friday, May 27, 2011


Thursday, February 3, 2011

222 Transverter v2 Improvment Mod Instructions

Below you will find instructions and photos to guide you in performing the Improvement Mods identified by W0BA and W6OAL in the posts below. The mod is easy to make.

1. Disconnect power.
2. Remove the +5V regulator VR1 from the top of the board. VR1 now becomes VR2.
3. ***ADDED 2/5/2011***Remove C7 (yellow 1uf Tant) and discard. Do Not Use - Tendancy to oscillate and overheat.
4. Solder new VR1 in mod kit (7808 Regulator) where old VR1 used to be. Same positioning as old VR1.
5. Turn board over. Using an exacto knife or simliar tool, cut only the trace identified in area indicated.
6. Ensure there is clean isolation, (no specs of metal shorting +V to gnd) on the area around the cut area.
7. Solder VR2 (7805 Regulator) in location as shown in the 2nd photo. (Straddles the cut-in-the-trace).
8. Make sure to solder the ground tab on VR1.
9. Install C17 & C18 in location as shown in 2nd photo. C17 is closest to VR2.
10. Re-check to ensure no solder bridges or other material shorting the +V traces.
11. Turn board over to top side.
12. Remove R9 & R10 (1 ohm green colored resistors)
13. Solder in the new R9, (1x47 ohm).
14. Solder in the new R10 (2x47 ohm "stacked" one on the other).
15. ***ADDED 2/5/2011***Ensure you remove and discard C7.

That's it. I will send a mod kit to any purchaser who sends me an email and requests one, free of charge.
Mod kit will include all new parts needed as well as an extra 7805 in the case the original is damaged trying to remove it.